City Administrator: Mike Tanner


Administrative Assistant: Teresa Brown

Department Phone: (479) 452-1550 x212

Department Fax: (479) 452-0373

Department Hours:  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Monday through Friday

The city administrator is appointed by the board of directors and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the city government. The administrator provides the link between the elected governing body and the staff of the city’s four departments.  All of the city’s department heads report to the city administrator.

The city administrator and his staff provide research, analysis and recommendations on policy and service matters to the board of directors; implement the board of directors’ decisions; prepare the city’s annual budget for review and approval by the board of directors; and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services offered by the city. The city administrator participates in discussions at board of directors’ meetings, but has no vote. The city administrator assists the elected officials with establishing policies and setting service goals.

Mission Statement:
To deliver effective municipal services through the partnership of community and government.

Vision Statement:
Economically vibrant, fiscally sound, and community focused.

Major Goals:

  1. Growth – To provide a planned approach for guiding growth and commerce
  2. Management – To improve accountability and consistency in leadership and management decision-making processes
  3. Finance – To maximize revenue and minimize cost
  4. Technology – To be the most technologically efficient municipality
  5. Employees – To acquire and retain exceptional staff
  6. Communications – To develop trust-building opportunities to improve 2-way communication and ensure follow through on commitments

Special Emphasis on Service Excellence Includes:

  • Accountability in the stewardship of the public’s trust
  • Credibility and integrity in all that we do
  • Using technology to handle city operations more effectively
  • Seeking greater efficiency in everything we do

The Administration Department serves and supports all city departments. The responsibilities of this department include overall supervision and management, as well as assistance with daily operations.

The City Administrator provides leadership, coordination, control, and accountability of all municipal services and programs. This office handles the day-to-day operations of the city, as well as the Economic Development division.