City of Barling Replacing Oldest Water Meters

The City of Barling is replacing the oldest meters in the water system with new meters and setters.  The new meters are capable of drive-by electronic read as the electric meters from OG&E now installed work and report.  The work of replacing meters and setters will be done in phases with new subdivisions and the oldest meters in service being done first.  The new meters and setters have a check valve to prevent water in a home or business from back-siphoning into the City system.  This is for public health policy to prevent contamination.  It is a closed system and if your home or business does not have a water hammer arrestor or an expansion tank, you will need to get a plumber to install a simple arrestor or expansion tank near your water heater.  Newer homes built in the last thirty years will probably have the water hammer arrester already plumbed in.  If a home or business has been re-plumbed, it should be up to Code requirements for water hammer arrestor installation.


Steve Core
Director Public Works